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Acquiring Signal Problem

with the Sirius Stiletto 2

After servicing a large number of this model I realized about half of them suffer from this issue.    ...yes ½  ( 50 / 50 ) !
I could hardly believe it either,  but I continue to see this.

Most sellers test their receiver units to make sure they work with home docking and vehicle docking, but many sellers never check their portable function with ear-buds (not antenna-headset).  When used with ear-buds many SL2 units reveal their "Acquiring Signal" issue.
- also known as the Faulty Internal Antenna Issue

There is a small built-in antenna inside the SL2 receiver that needs to replaced.

Here is how you test for this issue:
   1. Power up the SL2 with battery
   2. Attach the Ear-Buds if you have one
   3. Outside, with a clear view of the sky, point the SL2 skyward
   4. Tune to channel 184 and watch the antenna signal strength
        indicator bar on the screen (lower right corner)

You should have one or more signal strength bars, if you do not
then you will see on the display screen "Acquiring Signal" and showing "0" bar strength.  That means there is a problem with the unit's internal antenna.

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