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                  Sirius  Sportster    5          Satellite  Radio

      Antenna Not Detected

                           Flat Rate Repair Service     $34.00




If your Sportster 5 has "Acquiring Signal" or "Antenna Not Detected" showing when using on Car-dock or Home-dock, we can fix-it.

Symptoms related to this issue:   • Signal Drops Out when the Unit is Wiggled

                                                               • The Unit Must be Held to Recognize the Antenna

                                                               • Dropped Signal on Bumps

Sportster 5 Antenna Not Detected

                                                          Price includes Parts and Labor                                

                     NOTE: After you have sent payment via Google Wallet, Paypal, or Amazon
                                          Ship the unit only (no accessories) to us for repair.
                                                   Currently we only service within the U.S.A.

We will ship out your serviced unit with online tracking within 2 business days of receiving it.

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