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Broken Battery Clip

on the Sirius Stiletto 10 & 100

Many Satellite Radio listeners are still enjoying their Stiletto 10 and Stiletto 100 model units.

Like most portable devices, routine battery removal is part of normal use.

This model series of radios endures wear-and-tear on its battery clip mechanism from lots of charge time battery removal.
----to the point that many units now have a broken battery clip.

If your radio has a broken or missing
clip and spring to hold the battery in place,

          --- Skip using clumsy tape,  get this easy-to-install kit!

Our solution is an easy use, snap-in replacement clip and spring kit made specifically for this Stiletto series of Satellite Radios.

Models Effected:

  • Sirius Stiletto 10
  • Sirius Stiletto 100

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Each kit is easy to install and only $12.50

Free Shipping within the USA

      The Sirius Stiletto series radios have award-winning signal reception.
Our goal with this simple-to-install kit is to help you enjoy high-quality Satellite Radio for many years to come.


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