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SATELLITE   RADIO     Repair Services
     Sirius Stiletto 2/10/100      Power Jack Service           $38.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2/10/100       Audio-Jack Service           $36.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2        Power Switch Repair Service      $36.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2        Volume Button Repair Service    $31.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2        Scroll Wheel  Repair Service       $52.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2        No Video Issue  Repair Service  $89.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2        Antenna Jack Repair Service      $35.00

     Sirius Starmate 2    Antenna Jack Repair Service      $37.00

     Sirius Starmate 1    Antenna Jack Repair Service      $37.00

     Sirius Starmate 2    Power Jack Repair Service         $31.00

     Sirius Starmate 1    Power Jack Repair Service         $31.00

     Sirius Starmate 2    Audio Jack Repair Service           $30.00

     Sirius Starmate 1    Audio Jack Repair Service           $30.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2    Acquiring Signal Repair Service     $50.00

     Sirius Stiletto 2    Antenna Not Detected Repair         $48.00

                               LCD Screen Repair

      Repair Your Broken Satellite Radio


We repair and ship out your unit within two businesses days of receiving it.


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