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SATELLITE   RADIO        LCD Screen Service
   Sirius Starmate ST 2        LCD Screen Service    $46.00

   Sirius Starmate ST 4        LCD Screen Service    $36.00

   Sirius Starmate ST 5        LCD Screen Service    $37.00

   Sirius Stiletto SL 2            LCD Screen Service    $49.00

   Sirius Stiletto 10/100        LCD Screen Service    $40.00

   Sirius Sportster SP 5        LCD Screen Service    $49.00

   Sirius Streamer GTR        LCD Screen Service    $46.00

   Sirius XACT / XTR8           LCD Screen Service    $46.00

   DELPHI XM Xpress RC    LCD Screen Service    $44.00

   DELPHI SKYFI 3                LCD Screen Service    $36.00

   Audiovox Xpress RC         LCD Screen Service    $44.00

   Sirius/XM Mirge  SXMIR1  LCD Screen Service    $44.00
      Repair Your Broken LCD Screen

We repair and ship out your unit within two businesses days of receiving it.



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