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 Question: How do I order this service?
   Answer: 1. Write down your receiver ID (SID) number for your record.
                  2. Use our paypal buy now button for the service you request.
                  3. Ship your radio receiver only (do not ship to us with any Accessories.)

 Question: Where do I send my unit for repair?
   Answer: Send all units to:     SatelliteRadioFix.com
                                                  5250 HWY 78
                                                  Suite 750-111
                                                  Sachse,  TX  75048

 Question: How long will it take to fix-it?
   Answer: We will ship out your serviced unit with online tracking
                  within 2 business days of receiving it.

 Question: Will you discount my multiple fix-its?
   Answer: Usually we are able to extend quantity discounts
                  or discounts for multiple issues. Contact us for more details.

 Question: What happens if my radio can't be fixed?
   Answer: We will subtract $5 for return shipping and refund the balance paid.

 Question: What if my radio can't be fixed, and I don't want the radio back?
   Answer: We will issue a full refund and recycle the unit.

 Question: My problem is not in the service listings, can you still help me?
   Answer: We may be able to help. Contact us for more information.

                         Please fill out our service request question order form
                         to help us answer any other questions you may have.

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