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Satellite Radio Models Serviced:

Sirius Starmate 1, Sirius Starmate 2, Sirius Starmate 4, Sirius Starmate 5, Sirius Starmate ST1, Sirius Starmate ST2, Sirius Starmate ST4, Sirius ST4TK1C, Sirius Starmate ST5, Sirius Starmate ST 1, Sirius Starmate ST 2, Sirius Starmate ST 4, Sirius Starmate ST5, Sirius ST1, Sirius ST2, Sirius ST4, Sirius ST5, Sirius Starmate ST5, Sirius ST2R, Sirius ST4R, Sirius ST5R, Sirius Sportster 5, Sirius SP5, Sirius SP5TK1C, DELPHI XM Xpress RC, XpressRC, XpressRCi, Audiovox, 136-4804, SA10224, SA10225, SA10314, SA10315, SA10316 SKYFi3, SA10225, SKYFI 3, Sirius, XM, XM Mirge, SXMIR1, XACT, XTR8, Streamer GTR, SIR-GTRC1, XMCK30P, XDRC2V1, and BRIX.

Problems & Problem parts that we repair:

Acquiring Signal, Broken LCD screen, Cracked, Audio jack, Power, Antenna pin, Switch, Car, Vehicle kit, Home, FM radio, Headphones, Headset, Battery, Ear Buds, USB cable, Portable, Signal strength, Media Dial Wheel, Scroll, Control Pad, out of back light, Too Dark, Button, Volume, Knob, indoor, outdoor, Cradle, Docking Station, satellite radio, Activation, Subscription, Channel, Adapter, and Charge.